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Combined Car Purchase and Insurance Scheme

Young Marmalade offers an alternative to buying a cheap 1st car and paying a large annual insurance premium, by combining the purchase of a new, or nearly-new, car and the insurance premium for the first year.

The advantages are lower overall cost, driving a new, safer, more reliable car. Due to the way that the cars are purchased you can get up to £4,000 cash back to help with the cost of the first year’s insurance or help with the deposit.
Marmalade uses technology to help keep the insurance costs down as this allows young drivers to have insurance based on the way they drive and not based on their age, as gender is no longer an issue following a European Directive. Male and Female car insurance rates are the same from December 2012.

This technology picks up the ABCs of driving – Acceleration, Braking, Cornering and speed, and these highlight areas of concern, which young drivers can review online. Since starting this scheme, Marmalade has over 2.5 million miles of data and young drivers are consistently driving well with the average score of 97% being maintained.

With such fantastic results, Marmalade is able to peg insurance rates at 30%* below traditional rates and renewals can also benefit from a “Good Driving Discount” in addition to a No Claims Bonus.

You can buy the car outright or use one of the Young Marmalade car finance schemes — The most popular car is a Vauxhall Corsa SXi, from £250 per month, often with the cost of the first year’s insurance included. Please see website for full details

*Based on sample pricing October 2012!

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There’s a lot to choose from with great deals for Ford, Peugeot, SEAT and Vauxhall. There's the option of buying new or nearly-new and missing out on the early depreciation costs

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