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Vauxhall Adam – Jam Glam Slam ( yes really) 1.2 (Petrol) manual
2013 — current
body shape
3 door  Hatchback
New price (from)
£11200 — list price
£10800 — what to pay

low insurance group
good fuel economy
running costs
size — spacious
size — compact

General description

A shorter Corsa trying to be cool and 'down with the kidz' - and perhaps trying too hard...

So it's a pretty convention petrol-engined 3-door hatch with lots of 'style' both inside and out.

Vauxhall promise new engines soon - the current range are getting on a bit.

Things to look for when buying one

The reason it's called 'Adam' ? Coz it's a cute name or coz the founder of Vauxhall's partner company was called Adam Opel. You decide....

They've gone over the top with their derivative names too - starting with Jam, Glam and Slam

The good bits

You can make your Adam one-of-a-kind with the options available.

Vauxhall says that their initial allocation of cars is selling well.

The not so good bits

It's no more fun to drive than a Corsa and nowhere near cars such as the MINI and the Fiesta.

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